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  • Culinary Cycling Tour

    Culinary Cycling Tour

    What better way to explore Israel than on your bike and through your taste buds? Together, Puzzle Israel and Genesis Cycling, will take you on an amazing 7-day tour riding on the most beautiful cycling paths and bring you Israel’s finest markets, field cuisines and restaurants
  • Tour de Tricolore

    Tour de Tricolore

    See the top places in Israel, explore the rich historical background, ride in the most amazing roads of the Middle East and enjoy the great variety of terrain Israel offers. Running from north to south, this is an “all you can eat” tour.
  • Tour de Israel

    Tour de Israel

    The Genesis Cycling Ultimate Tour. Go everywhere, see everything, and all from the saddle of your bike, in the comfort of the top hotels Israel has to offer, the best restaurants and pampering service.
  • Tour of the Crown

    Tour of the Crown

    Not sure where to go? This option holds the best of all worlds, the beautiful European north and the white barren dessert of the south. The perfect selection for getting the absolute best of northern and southern Israel in one trip.
  • Tour of the Galilee

    Tour of the Galilee

    For those of you who are looking to explore the silence and magic of the Israeli mountains, this is the perfect selection. Ride the most beautiful mountains of the Holy Land and enjoy their enchanting secrets.
  • Desert Challenge

    Desert Challenge

    Looking for something different? A change from the green, Tuscan type scenery? the “Desert Challenge” is the perfect selection. White, barren desert, suitable for those seeking a change in landscape and experience
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