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Additional Services

  • Bike Rental

    Bike Rental

    Flying sometime halfway across the globe, wanting to enjoy your vacation without worrying about the safety of your bike and equipment on the planes, or if you don't own a road or MTB and would like to get one when you arrive, we have the perfect solution for you
  • Internet hotspot rental

    Internet hotspot rental

    Mobile Router which creates a personal WiFi network around and goes with you everywhere. Allows connection of up to five devices simultaneously (laptop, smartphone, etc.). Lightweight and compact, speed mobile Internet and no installation required
  • Massage Therapies

    Massage Therapies

    Relax, recover and enjoy a professional massage after a day in the saddle. This is a wonderful way of rejuvenating the body, getting it ready for the next day's challenge
  • Photography & Video

    Photography & Video

    With the amount of places you'll be seeing, and such a large diversity in landscape and sights, it is best to give someone else the camera while you concentrate on the road ahead
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