Accommodation level
Total days
7 days / 6 nights
Riding days
4 or 5 stages
Total distance
Km: 197/ 271 / 418
Miles: 122 / 168 / 260
Main attractions
Jerusalem, Qumeran and The Dead Sea,
Masada, the Negev desert, Ramon Crater, Eilat
Tour Price
6,100 USD


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Desert Challenge

Tour Highlights

  • The perfect winter cycling vacation choice!
  • Truly a biblical Genesis experience. This tour runs along ancient paths of biblical Israeli stories and provides the best background for the imagination to flourish. 
  • 5 days of breathtaking rides in some of the most astonishing geological phenomena in the world.  
  • Exploring the barren desert from the best seat in the house, the saddle of your bike. 
  • Crisp, clean air will surround you and will enrich your lungs like sweet nectar.

Tour Overview

Experience The Israeli Desert in the best way possible. Being surrounded with fresh, open air, barren landscape and incredible rock formations, the desert challenge is a truly inspiring cycling tour. Imagine a journey through the original pages of the bible, traveling your bodies through the prophetic hills of the Negev vastness, starting from the city of Jerusalem, the center of all religions, the perfect location for this incredible story to unfold before your eyes.
Day 1 – Arrival, preparations and touring Jerusalem.
Day 2 – Beginning the riding portion of the trip from the city of Jerusalem. There is no better starting point than the city where it all began. For you this day will be the beginning of a truly magical journey through the “best seller” story of all times. Descending down to the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth, riding along its costal white beaches and arriving to the Qumeran Caves, where the oldest pages of the bible where discovered. Continuing on to visit the incredible Kibbutz of Ein Gedi, an inspiring destination that shows the innovative life style that flourished in one of the harshest locations on earth. Finishing the ride at the tourism section of Neve Zohar, you will be able to relax your legs and bath in the nurturing water of the Dead Sea. 
Day 3 – This is the challenge of the tour. A 25k climb to the city of Arad. With every turn you will climb higher, leaving the lowest place on earth, gaining more than 1000m in elevation. The descend following this awesome climb ends at the most heroic location in history, Masada. After taking down the mountain you will also become a hero for the day.  
Day 4 – Enjoying the natural beauty of the shiny white salty coasts of the Dead Sea, we will begin our ride upwards, leaving the lowest place on earth. This day contains several challenges and is suitable to provide all levels of riding with some challenging ascents. The Akrabim Ascent and Yeruham ascent will provide those who wish to test their legs with the ultimate test, in a desert type environment. A true challenge, Israeli style.

Day 5 – Starting from the city of Mizpe Ramon, located on the magnificent Ramon Crater, we will take a short ride to Mount Harif, where we will enjoy a lookout to the Sinai Desert, the travel point from where the Israelites arrived to the Land of Israel after leaving Egypt. The way back to the hotel will not be on the bike, but rather in a typical 4X4 trip suitable to the Israeli desert way of travel. 

Days 6 – The desert cruise. The final ride for the tour will provide you the true biblical genesis experience. The awesome power of the desert white vast is a mind altering experience. Begin by descending into one of the most peculiar geological phenomena in the world, Machtesh Ramon (Ramon Crater), and crossing it from one edge to the next, and continuing through the barren hills of the Negev. The open road will run underneath your tires, and will smoothly bring you to the end point of your journey in the city of Eilat, Israel’s number one tourism city.

Days 7 – Relax in the cool water of the Red Sea in Eilat. Soothe your legs from the long days in the saddle and enjoy some snorkeling and other sorts of dry and wet activities. Dine in magnificent restaurants and party till the sun comes up in the Eilat board walk and clubs. The perfect ending to your “Tour de Israel” selection. The tour of the whole country in the best way possible.
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