Accommodation level
Total days
7 days / 6 nights
Riding days
4 stages
Total distance
Km: 228 / 297 / 353
Miles: 142 / 184 / 220
Main attractions
Northern Galilee, Sea of Galilee,
Capernaum, Golan Heights Megido, Jerusalem, Qumeran,
Masada and The Dead Sea
Tour Price
5,650 USD
Detailed programs


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Tour of the Galilee

Tour Highlights

  • For those of you who love to see them in all their glory, we bring you the tour of the incredible Israeli mountains. Beautifully laid and covered, the Galilee Mountains are a variety of colors and hidden pieces of history.
  • 4 days of challenging rides, with 3 days in the northern mountains of Israel, along with one day in the south of Israel, will provide you with the best taste the mountains can provide. 
  • Visiting the most famous and most unknown special destinations Israel has to offer. This trip truly compensates those who pay tribute to the unforgiving climbs. 
  • Experience the best mountain roads in the region. Every cyclist knows that the best roads are the ones built in the mountains, and for those who are looking, we promise a wonderful surprise. 

Tour Overview

Experience Israel best riding roads in 4 riding days, covering most of Israel's northern portion, along with one day in the south which will lead you to the fabulous Dead Sea. This trip truly pays off for those tired legs arriving to its finishing point. The water of the Dead Sea will embrace you with all its magnificent nurturing effects and will send you back amazed and refreshed. 
Day 1 – Arrival and preparations.
Day 2 – Starting from the Upper Galilee, you will be located in one of Israel's forever green mountains. These roads will provide you with enough challenge to truly appreciate the surprises waiting in the future. The day will hold a number of special visits to different villages around the Galilee, some Israeli, some Arab, which will bring wonderful experiences to your taste glands and enough glucose to your muscles to endure the challenge. Finishing the ride at the Sea of Galilee is a wonderful treat to sore legs, as the cool water will be more than happy to provide you with a natural relaxing therapy.
Day 3 – This is our famous  "Tour de Golan" course. A long, twisty climb to one of the highest peaks in the Golan mountains, bringing you through both ancient and not so ancient battle grounds.  Reaching the top will pay off, firstly due to the incredible scenery of Israel and Syria, and secondly due to the fantastic descent waiting to take you back to the Sea of Galilee through some of the most beautiful roads in Israel. 
Day 4 – Opening your eyes to the beautiful blue water of the Sea of Galilee, also known for the water Jesus Christ performed the miracle of walking over, you will begin to understand the true magic this place has to offer. For the ride of the second day we will head south towards the city of Beit Shean, which holds a very rich historical background due to its strategical location as the gate keeper of the Jordan Valley and the Jezreel Valley. You are in for the best history lesson you've ever had. After the ride, we will drive towards the capital city, the infamous "golden made city" of Jerusalem.
Day 5 – Jerusalem guided tour.  
Days 6 – Leaving Jerusalem is always hard. You never feel as though you can leave it without leaving something behind. Therefore, before saying goodbye, we will stop at the top of Mt. Zofim to the east of Jerusalem, to enjoy all its glory, while it bathes in the morning sunlight. We will then head down towards the lowest place on earth, the geological marvel, the Sea of Galilee. A truly in captivating ride, in the heart of the Syrian Afrikan Crack, while running your tires through the scare that was created in the surface of the earth millions of years ago. At the end of the ride you will have time to enjoy some the Dead Sea's remarkable natural water and minerals.
Days 7 – Relax your bodies in the natural, mineral rich water of the Dead Sea. Let the mountains surrounding you play the final note for this incredible experience you've ridden through and begin collecting all the memories you've gained along the tour. Mission accomplished.
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