Accommodation level
Total days
7 days / 6 nights
Riding days
4 stages
Total distance
Km: 197 / 263 / 319
Miles: 122 / 163 / 198
Main attractions
Golan Heights, Sea of Galilee, Capernaum,
Jordan River, Megido, Jerusalem, Ella Valley, The Dead Sea,
The Negev desert, Eilat
Tour Price
2,900 USD
17/3/2013 - 23/3/2013
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Tour of the Crown

Tour Highlights

  • 4 days of spectacular riding, starting from the high mountains in the north and finishing in the mountains of the south. This trip is one of the most varieties packed riding experiences.
  • Get the best out of both worlds. 2 days of riding in the north, plus 2 days of riding in the south, with a magnificent day in the beautiful city of Jerusalem.
  • Visiting the most famous touristic sites in the world: the Sea of Galilee, Dead Sea, Jerusalem,  Ella Valley, and more.
  • Ride through 2 types of very different terrain and climate. The green, European style vegetation of the north, coupled with the barren white south. 

Tour Overview

Experience Israel in its best with 4 days of magnificent riding in two, very different landscapes. This tour is the best selection for those of you who wish to get a glimpse into Israel diversity. Israel's European style north will fill your eyes with wild colors, while the southern white dessert will expose your mind to the awesome power of the immense proportions of nature. 
Day 1 – Arrival and preparations.
Day 2 –ride along the mountains of the Golan Heights and down to the Sea of Galilee. This ride is one of Genesis most favorable choice due to its calm topographic and mesmerizing volcanic rock formations. This route ends on the coast of the famous Sea of Galilee, with its immense religious context and importance. 
Day 3 – Opening your eyes to the beautiful blue water of the Sea of Galilee, also known for the water Jesus Christ performed the miracle of walking over, you will begin to understand the true magic this place has to offer. For the ride of the second day we will head south towards the city of Beit Shean, which holds a very rich historical background due to its strategical location as the gate keeper of the Jordan Valley and the Jezreel Valley. You are in for the best history lesson you've ever had. After the ride, we will drive towards the capital city, the infamous "golden made city" of Jerusalem. 
Day 4 – Spectacular guided tour in the old city of Jerusalem.
Day 5 – Starting from the David vs Goliath famous battle arena at the Ella Valley, this ride runs along the central green valleys of Israel, which are known as Israel’s Tuscan scenic routes. Along the day's route you will get to experience the exquisite, diverse color clash, as the green vegetation slowly gives way to the white rock formation of the vast desert. The ride holds its party piece in its final kilometers with one of the most glorious roads in the world, the famous descent to the lowest place on earth, the Dead Sea.  
Days 6 – Enjoying the natural beauty of the shiny white salty coasts of the Dead Sea, we will begin our ride upwards, leaving the lowest place on earth. This day contains several challenges and is suitable to provide all levels of riding with some challenging ascents. The Akrabim Ascent and Yeruham ascent will provide those who wish to test their legs with the ultimate test, in a dessert type environment. A true challenge, Israeli style. 
Days 7 – Relaxing after a long journey in one of the most breathtaking locations in the world, Mizpe Ramon. This magnificent place is one of the world's most astonishing geological marvels, a natural crater that was not created by impact but rather by the erosion of the rock. When arriving, you will have the final day to become mesmerized by one of nature's remarkable landscapes.  
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