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Genesis Cycling believes that in order for you to really enjoy the wonderful offerings of Israel, while being physically active on your bike, it is important to go at the right pace with the right amount of places.Therefore, we have devised a categorical table for you to select the pace more suitable to your level of riding and sightseeing desires.
Look over the options, select the characteristics best suitable for you, and pick your trip level. The table is a simple, easy to use tool for selecting your level. But, in case you are not 100% sure, please feel free to contact us directly to get a better understanding of what might suit you best, from one of our professional tour guides.
All of our tours can be issued in 3 different levels.The different levels are called:
Green (easy), Blue (medium) and Red (hard).
The level is mostly related to your level of fitness and your riding desires while traveling with Genesis Cycling.
Naturally, there is a trade-off between riding more kilometers and visiting more sites so use this table to get an understanding of what to expect from your trip, and to get suited with your level of riding and sightseeing desires. 
Green (Easy)
Blue (Medium) Red (Hard)
Rating Commuter Weekend Warrior Active Cyclist
What's My Ride Don't ride much, but like the idea of having this type of activity and mobility to see more things   than behind a glass window… I ride with my friends. We normally go for 25 - 40 miles and enjoy some bigger group rides or the occasional 50 mile loops from time to time… I ride 4 times a week, sometimes with friends, I follow my schedule and prefer power gels for dessert...
What I Like The bike is what I'll use to get from the wine taster to the spa. 25-40 km (15-25 miles) and I'm good for the day… I enjoy my 40-65 km (25-40 mile) loop. Give me that and I'm a happy person… 70-100 km (45-65 miles) is wonderful, feel free to spice it up with a few hills, but don’t use the really hot stuff…
What I Climb I don't… If I can see the finish from the start without lifting my head too much, I'm fine… The Hills are nice to get the blood flowing, 1 climb, up to 3-4 miles is good enough…
What Feels Good 750 feet or less 1500 or less 1500 or else...
What I like to See I am here for the place, less of the pace. I want to see Israel, and let's be honest, getting from one place to the next takes less time in a car. Want to see many things, cherish the moments and explore the culture, but I have to get the miles in to feel ready for dinner… Seeing the places has been always better when you get there on your bike. If you don't make it in time, at least you got a good ride in…
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