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  • Every tour team consists of a minimum of 4 staff person to make sure everything goes as planned and every desire is fulfilled.
  • Transportation and vehicle escort - We take a minimum of 2 vans at all times. We make sure you’ll have everything you need at any given moment. From the point of departure to the point of arrival, we make sure you have everything you want or need. Having two vans at our disposal at all times provides us with flexibility during all the routes. In case the climb is too steep or the legs are asleep, you can jump in the van, take a breather and get back in the saddle whenever you want.
  • Mechanics, spare parts, spare wheels, fuel drinks and food, are always in reach. Our crew is well experienced with all types of mechanical faults, and is highly oriented with cycling nutritional needs. You will never feel hungry, thirsty or mechanically stranded. Flexibility – The cars we use are adjusted perfectly to provide any necessary changes to happen on the site. Therefore, in any case that requires modifying, we have complete ability to maneuver and put you right where you should and want to be at any given moment, with maximum ease and comfort. Luggage – From the moment you arrive till the moment you leave, the only thing you’ll have to be concerned with is having a great time. We’ll make sure your luggage will arrive safe and sound to your hotel room with some treats for your enjoyment.
  • Weather – We can’t control the weather, but we make sure it will have as little effect as possible. Israel is known for its wonderful Mediterranean climate, but if the weather does decide to play, we are always ready for the game.
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