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Lodging and dining

We leave nothing to chance. Our hotels are all under our supervision, and have the highest quality ratings in Israel. We place our trademark on each hotel and we make sure they will live in our and your expectations after a day in the saddle. Our tour differs by their level of accommodations:
  • Premium – Giving you the finest conditions after a long day in the saddle. The best match to the professional  support you will get during the day and the pampering conditions of the best hotels in Israel  with the best cuisine at the best locations.
  • Casual - Enjoy your cycling vacation in a less formal manner. Our casual hotels are down to earth inns, with local and intimate atmosphere and of course matched to our high demanding standards. When your cycling vacation is about cycling… casual accommodations are the solution.      
Meidian Dead Sea
Meridian Eilat
Pundak Ramon
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