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Dr. Samuel Malkinson, Canada, November 2013

Dear Udi and Rafi,
It has been a month since our glorious ride together finished. I have had a lot of time to reflect on what this trip meant to me personally, and also what it meant to Save a Child's Heart. As I see it, Genesis Cycling was able to put together the perfect way to experience Israel for such a cause. It had been twelve years since the last time I was in Israel, and I needed to experience it at a pace which allowed me to literally feel the land beneath me. Further, I needed an athletic challenge to be able to work toward. Needless to say, your brilliantly organized route allowed me to do just that.
You are both to be commended for demonstrating leadership, compassion, flexibility, time management and organizational excellence throughout the time we shared on the road. I always felt like you were looking out for our best interests, keeping us safe, and pushing us to achieve our goals and beyond. I further very much appreciated the contrast you provided for us at night time, when as hard as we had been working during the day, we were able to enjoy our nightly activities in total serenity. A special mention should go out to Adi Hadar, our trip mechanic, for whom no technical problem was too big of a challenge, and Tamar Barneis, our cycling leader, who performed double duty as our resident historian and archaeologist. I felt that as the trip progressed, we were able to bond with you all on a very deep level. In fact, you have at least two more friends of the צנחנים living here in Montreal. And the best part of it all is, we have helped at least five more young children from around the world to live healthy normal lives.
I would recommend to anyone who would like such a challenge that seeing Israel from a bike is a goal worth pursuing, and that Genesis Cycling is the premiere company to help achieve that goal. 
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